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Faculty Exchange
1. Connection
  • To start a Faculty Exchange, a foreign professor gets in touch with a NTU professor as the host.
  • The hosting faculty figures out a best support package for the visiting scholar and proceeds to the application
2. Application to NSC support
Through the host university, visiting professor submits his projects to NSC for support fund. 4 categories of visiting projects:
  • NSC Research Project
  • Project sponsored by applying institute
  • Teaching project
  • Technology Development and Management Project
3. Local arrangements
4. Procedures upon arrival
  • Life Insurance : To apply for life insurance, the visiting professor should undergo a health check, available at the NTU Hospital. After the health check, visiting scholar can apply for Labor Insurance or Health Insurance, if his stay exceeds 6 months.
  • Office : NTUEE provides hardware resource to support the visiting scholar, such as research office, basic stationary, etc.
  • Alien Resident Certificate : Visiting professor should apply for a certificate, so that he can open bank accounts, pay taxes, etc.
  • Report to the host institution : After visiting professor reports to the Personnel Department, the department will notice the cashier to issue regular payments.
5. End of program
A Research Report should be submitted to the host institution to wrap up the exchange project.