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The Vision/Mission/Core Value/Goal/Characteristic of NTUEE

1. Vision

We are devoted to humanistic education and outstanding academic performance. We hope to utilize technology as the navigator of Taiwan, innovation as the foundation to connect with the world.

2. Missions


Based on our outstanding education and research in electrical engineering, our missions targeting at the need of the industry and a diverse society are: 

  • Cultivating respectful and outstanding professionals in electrical engineering
  • Cultivating promising leaders with global mindset and social awareness
  • Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in order to be the engine and creative hub of the industrial development
  • Creating an extraordinary learning environment to proceed highly influential and original research

3. Core Values

Complying with the NTU motto, Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion, the core values of NTUEE are Creativity, Vision, Diversity, and Cooperation.

4. Goals

To create great learning environment, and to encourage invention and innovation to improve human welfare:

  • Outstanding electrical engineering education

    1.1 Provide diverse and practical training, as well as comprehensive research

    1.2 Be the leader of electrical engineering education and be the cornerstone of international competitiveness

    1.3 Attract, challenge and inspire top international students

    1.4 Provide fair evaluation system to support and give credits to outstanding educators

  • Influential research on technology

    2.1 Encourage pioneering research and become the leader of electrical engineering

    2.2 Enhance the ability of undergraduate students to participate in research

    2.3 Promote international cooperation through faculty and students exchange programs

    2.4 Encourage and support outstanding researchers

  • Provide valuable services to the industry, academia, and society

    3.1 Assist industrial associates in becoming the leaders in technology

    3.2 Provide professional and organizational guidance, as well as practical support in electrical engineering and its related fields

    3.3 Foster innovation and international competitiveness by encouraging patent application and developing creativity

    3.4 Provide technical advice and assistance to the government and international organizations

  • Top-notch department of electrical engineering on the world stage

    4.1 Increase international visibility

    4.2 Boost visibility of faculty and students

    4.3 Improve administrative matters of the department by an evaluation system that is general, quantitative and indicative

5. Characteristics

  • Elite environment for electrical engineering education
  • Interdisciplinary and innovative research based on solid foundation of science
  • Cradle for leaders of technology and society