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The Department is currently housed in four buildings with a total floor space of 40,000 square meters. There are 11 undergraduate laboratories, more than 130 graduate research laboratories, 1 international auditorium, 17 classrooms, 166 faculty offices, 13 meeting rooms, and 24 administrative offices. Computing facilities include more than one thousand personal computers and workstations, which are connected to the supercomputers of the campus computer center through high-speed optical networks. Other major laboratories include Integrated Optics Laboratory, Anechoic Chamber laboratory, Integrated Circuits Laboratory, Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory, and E-Beam Laboratory. In addition, there are more than 130 research laboratories in the department to support research project and graduate study.

Major teaching laboratory facilities in the Department of Electrical Engineering for undergraduate instruction include
   •Electrical Circuits Laboratory 
   •Electrical Machinery Laboratory 
   •Electronics Laboratory 
   •Digital Electronics Laboratory
   •Electromagnetic Wave Laboratory 
   •Semiconductor Laboratory
   •Communications Laboratory 
   •Automatic Control Laboratory
   •Optical Information Laboratory 
   •Microprocessor Laboratory 
   •Networks and Multimedia Laboratory 
   •Workstation Laboratory